Vietnam officially issued the Import and Export Tariff in CPTPP

Vietnam officially issued the Import and Export Tariff in CPTPP. From 2019, many agricultural products, frozen food, cotton fiber will enjoy 0% preferential tax rate when imported from 6 countries participating in CPTPP.

On June 26, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc signed Decree No. 57/2019 / ND-CP promulgating the Preferential Export Tariff, Vietnam’s Special Preferential Import Tariff for the Implementation of the Agreement Comprehensive and Transpacific Progress (CPTPP) period from January 14, 2019 through December 31, 2022.

Accordingly, the decree is applicable to Mexico, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada and Australia. These are the countries where the CPTPP Agreement has come into force under the conditions of eligibility for preferential export tax rates and special preferential import tax rates.

According to this tariff, from 2019, some fruits, sticky rice, live animal, poultry, fresh or chilled fish, fiber, cotton fiber imported from Mexico will enjoy preferential tax rate of 0%.

Việt Nam chính thức ban hành Biểu thuế xuất nhập khẩu trong CPTPP

Items of fresh, chilled or frozen beef, lamb, goat, dairy, poultry eggs, tomatoes, legumes, wooden furniture from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore will also reduce to 0% according to the roadmap from 2020 to 2022. Notably, from 2021, items of tractor cars used to pull trailers with a cylinder capacity of no more than 1,100cc are also exempted from import tax.

Regarding preferential export tax for the implementation of CPTPP Agreement, the Preferential Export Tariff includes 519 tariff lines; Non-preferential items of this Export Tariff will apply preferential export tax of 0% when exported to member countries whose CPTPP Agreement has taken effect. In order to enjoy the preferential export tax rate, import and export goods must have transport documents and import declarations expressing the destination in the territory of the member countries to which the CPTPP Agreement has entered into force.

Regarding the special preferential import tariff, including 10,647 tariff lines at the 8-digit level and 350 tariff lines are detailed according to the level of 10 numbers and the list of goods and special preferential import tariffs for past cars. use tariff quotas to implement CPTPP Agreement.

In order to enjoy special preferential import tariffs under the CPTPP Agreement, imported goods must meet the conditions under the Special Preferential Import Tariff or the List of Special Preferential Import and Export Taxes. for used cars.

Goods imported into Vietnam from member countries of the CPTPP Agreement have come into effect including goods imported from the non-tariff area into the domestic market; be transported into Vietnam from the member countries of the CPTPP Agreement that have come into force and meet the rules of origin of goods and have documents certifying the origin of goods under the provisions of the CPTPP Agreement.

Due to the entry into force of the CPTPP Agreement for Vietnam from January 14, 2019, according to which customs declarations of exported and imported goods are registered from January 14, 2019 to the date of this Decree. enforceable, if all conditions for enjoying special preferential import tax and preferential import tax are met in the Decree and having paid higher tax rates, the customs office will handle overpaid tax according to the law on tax administration.


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