1. Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight is the transport cost from origin port to destination port .

2. Documentation fee

For export consignments, Carrier / Forwarders must issue a Bill of Lading (Sea freight) or Airway Bill (air freight). This fee is a document fee for shipping lines to issue bills of lading and paperwork procedures for shipments.

For consignments imported into Vietnam, the congsinee must go to the Shipping Company / Forwarder to get the delivery order, bring it out of the port to present to the warehouse (retail) / make the EIR (FCL container) to get the goods. .

3. THC (Terminal Handling Charge)

THC is the extra charge for loading and unloading at the port, which is the fee collected on each container to offset the cost of cargo handling activities at ports such as loading and unloading, gathering containers from CY to the wharf, … In fact, this is a port charges, shipping lines pay on behalf of shippers and consignees.

4. CFS fee (Container Freight Station fee)

CFS is a fee for LCL export / import shipment,  Consolidators / Forwarders have to discharge the cargo from the container into the warehouse or vice versa and they collect CFS fee.

5. CIC (Container Imbalance Charge) fee or (Equipment Imbalance Surcharge)

CIC is an imbalance surcharge for container containers, also known as surcharges for imported goods. It can be interpreted as a surcharge for empty containers. This is a type of sea freight surcharge that shipping lines charge to offset the costs arising from the transfer of a large amount of empty containers from the surplus to the shortage.

6. EBS (Emergency Bunker Surcharge)

EBS is a fuel surcharge for cargo routes to Asia. This surcharge compensates the “loss” cost due to the volatility of gasoline prices in the world for shipping lines. EBS fee is a sea freight surcharge, EBS fee is not charged in Local Charge.

7. Handling (Handling fee)

Handling is the agency fee that monitors the delivery and transport process as well as manifest declaration with the customs office before the ship arrives.

8. BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor)

BAF is an extra charge (in addition to ocean freight) collected from shippers to offset costs incurred by fuel price fluctuations. Equivalent to the term FAF (Fuel Adjustment Factor).

9. CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor)

CAF is an extra charge (in addition to shipping fees) collected from shippers to offset costs incurred by exchange rate fluctuations …

10. COD (Change of Destination)

COD is a surcharge for shipping carriers to offset the costs incurred in case the shipper requests a change of destination port, such as: loading and unloading fee, reversal fee, container storage fee, road transport …

11. DDC (Destination Delivery Charge)

Unlike the name given, this surcharge has nothing to do with the actual delivery of the goods to the consignee, but in fact, the owner of this fee to offset the cost of discharging the ship, arranging the container in the port ( terminal) and port entrance fees. The payment will depend on the agreement of the buyer and the seller.

12. ISF (Import Security Filing)

ISF is a security declaration fee for US importers. In addition to the declaration of US customs information automatically, in January 2010, the US Customs and US Border Protection Agency officially applied more procedures to declare security for importers.

13. CCF (Cleaning Container Free)

CCF is a container cleaning fee that importers have to pay to shipping lines to clean empty container containers after importers use containers to transport goods and pay at deport.

14. PCS (Port Congestion Surcharge)

PCS is a port congestion surcharge, this surcharge applies when the port loading or unloading congestion, may cause the ship to be delayed, resulting in related costs for ship owners (because of time value The whole ship is quite large).

15. PSS (Peak Season Surcharge)

PSS is a peak season surcharge, which is usually applied by shipping lines during the peak season from August to October, when there is a sharp increase in the need to transport finished goods to prepare for the Christmas season. Birth and Thanksgiving Day in the US and European markets.

16. SCS (Suez Canal Surcharge)

SCS is a surcharge through the Suez Canal, this surcharge applies to goods shipped via the Suez Canal

17. AFR (Advance Filing Rules)

AFR is the electronic filing fee for goods imported into Japan.

18. ENS (Entry Summary Declaration)

ENS is the Manifest filing fee at the arrival port for shipments to Europe (EU). This is a surcharge that fears the import of goods into the European Union to ensure regional security standards.

19. AMS (Automatic Manifest System)

AMS is an automatic customs declaration fee for the importing country (usually the US, Canada and China). This is a detailed declaration of the goods before the goods are loaded onto the ship for shipment to the United States.

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